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You Are What You Eat

Numerous people have reached out to me and asked for coaching through their health and fitness goals. Perhaps that is because I'm a huge proponent that health and happiness starts from the inside. It also doesn’t hurt that I hold certifications in personal training, sports nutrition as well as coaching.

There are two obvious components to better health: exercise and diet. Through my coaching I’ve have found that even when people make the time for exercise they struggle with the diet. So many factors come in to play when it comes to diet. First, and most obvious is setting new habits. Along with setting any new habit comes breaking the old. And when diet is involved it typically means overcoming a few cravings. Our social environment can certainly add a level of pressure as well. It seems like most social settings are centered on food, typically not all that healthy.

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, placing importance or significance behind any goal not only gives the goal greater meaning but it empowers you with the strength to get over the occasional distractions. One way to place greater importance on a health goal is through education. Learn about the benefits of exercise, the impact foods have on your body – emotionally, physically and mentally.

A friend just posted a great video explaining what happens to our body and our brain when we eat something loaded with sugar. I think you will find this short, five-minute, video clip not only educational, but entertaining as well. It is provided through TedEd so you know it’s well done!

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