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Newly Released: Kristy's first book entitled,Becoming Unstoppable: Tools to Elevate Your Game. Email Kristy to request a special autographed copy today.


Much more than a page turning memoir about finding authenticity through life’s adventures, Becoming Unstoppable transforms years of successes and failures into nine straightforward plays easily incorporated into all areas of life.


Kristy Bidwill captures her six-year journey of self-discovery and reveals the tools she found that led her to living intentionally and, ultimately, a life she dreamed. She takes you through the adversity of breaking her back to nine weeks later leading a blind veteran to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, an experience that changed her perspective on the meaning of life. Kristy includes you in her journal as she learns to deal with the unexpected when faced with training for an Ironman in 90 days without ever completing a triathlon or riding a race bike, using intrinsic motivators to find comfort in the uncomfortable. In the end, she puts the nine plays revealed in this book to the ultimate challenge when Kristy faced what felt like an insurmountable obstacle: the reality of losing her lifelong dream of conceiving a child. She found strength and reassurance to face her biggest disappointment yet as she turned to these nine plays.


This book will empower you, not just by inspiration but also through the ease in which you can apply Kristy’s simple plays to pursue dreams beyond what you ever imaged. Discover what Becoming Unstoppable is all about.




Blind hikers set new world records -- Amaze the world by hiking a 19,340 foot mountain


The adventure of taking eight blind hikers up Mt. Kilimanjaro was a challenge of a lifetime. It was one of many experiences which led Kristy to write her book about discovering truth and faith in herself as well as others. Watch NBC's national coverage of her team's unstoppable journey.


Kristy Bidwill's Unstoppable made me reevaluate how I want to live my life and what's holding me back from making my dreams my reality. I am inspired to try my own 90-day challenge and use Kristy's Nine Plays to map my course. A must read for everyone who wants to make changes to any part of their life.


                      - Kiffie Robbins


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