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Kristy attributes her professional and personal success to growing up in a life filled with competitive sports. It was through sports that Kristy learned the discipline and ambition required to reach competitive greatness, ultimately leading her to pursue her dreams.


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Offering Athletes Optimal Performance Coaching 

Athlete Testimonial:

Kristy's coaching was actually an answer to prayer when we first entered in this season. I saw a shift in many of my players and still hear them use the tools today. Personally, I learned some very valuable skills through our workouts and will never be the same!


                    - Chris Boehm | Tennis Professional




Being a part of an athletic team is ingrained in Kristy's being. She knows that by being a part of a team she will reach new limits. She also believes in the value of sharing experiences with teammates, both in the celebration of success as well as in times of disappointment. She understands first hand the unique dynamic that a team can bring to life. As a result she has focused a portion of her business to working with athletes of all levels.


Athletes are probably the best example of individuals who understand the importance of ritual and routine based on the season they are in which allows them to operate in a state of intention and purpose. At the same time, they tend to rely heavily on their coach for direction. Rightfully so as the coaches' responsibility is to provide each athlete with a combination of winning plays. It is no surprise that when an athlete's sports life comes to an end; perhaps a student graduating and entering a career, or a professional athlete retiring, they may feel lost, without purpose or clear direction. Game Time Coaching has the plays to help make the transition to another season of life equally as meaningful and successful.


No two teams or athletes are alike and no two can share the same playbook to a winning season. Kristy takes the time to develop custom workouts with each of her athletic clients. Regardless of last season’s record, athletes and teams will constantly face new challenges, thus the need to constantly revise their playbook. Kristy’s unique approach utilizes the language of sports to create plays that bring a competitive advantage both on and off the field.


While there are no limits to the use of her plays, this list will help you identify the possibilities:


  • Analyzing Performance Barriers, what is holding you back
  • Watching Film, how are you playing your game
  • Winning Strategies, what has worked in the past
  • Competitive Greatness, how can you achieve it
  • Building Team, who is the best fit for your team and what position do they play


Not only has Kristy’s competitive sports career covered the gamut, she has naturally evolved into a coach. As a young competitive gymnast, and later a competitive college cheerleader ranking 7th in the country, she later went on to become a coach in both sports. At the same time in her life, Kristy also reached the level of first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, becoming a two-time Junior Olympic medal holder. As a child she dabbled in various sports ranging from dance to twirling a baton to soccer. As an adult, Kristy swam Alcatraz, led a blind man to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, completed 10 marathons and is a two-time Ironman.





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