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With more than 17 years experience in a highly demanding and competitive corporate role

as a partner of an international firm, Kristy knows how to relate to top level executives and corporate leaders. 


                                                                                                 Book Kristy to LEAD  your team development >>


While leadership roles bring tremendous reward, with it comes a degree of stress. Kristy's coaching tools have been proven to help create balance within, while generating results that can be seen on the bottom line.


Kristy takes a custom approach in working with individuals as well as in team settings. It is all about reaching new levels. Whether you are an individual or firm at the top of your game looking to maintain your ranking, or you are seeking to climb higher, she can get you there.


While there are no limits to how her tools can be used, this list will help you identify the possibilities:


  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Training and Coaching

  • Sales Team Training and Coaching

  • Strategic Planning

  • Change Management


Within Kristy’s corporate roles, she has served in an executive role, participating among top leadership teams, leading regional business development strategies, facilitating strategic plans, managing teams, and launching new markets both in terms of services lines as well as territories.                                      


Throughout her career, Kristy has been recognized as a dynamic leader. Rounding out her three most memorable: being named Marketer of the Year in 2005; receiving the Phoenix Business Journal’s Volunteer Spirit Award, as well as being named to the publication's Forty under 40 list in 2009. 



Offering Executives

Peak Performance Coaching

Executive Testimonial:

While coaching with Kristy, I learned the power of 'change for significance'. After navigating a devastating life change, I found new hope, new truth and a new love for my life!  I now enjoy living life again operating in a peace and flow like never before!


                      - Rebekah Diaz | Founder & CEO

                                      The Action Foundation

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