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Becoming Unstoppable

"Failure is never the

end unless you give up."

These words have lingered in my mind since I first heard them a few weeks ago. There is such truth and valuable insight in those few words.

In fact, my new book is all about how to "Become Unstoppable," reaching new levels, perhaps some you never dreamed possible in your life. Naturally persistence is amongst the key principles outlined in the book. To posses persistence means you have the ability to push through tough situations and you certainly don't see failure as the end. While it is definitely a key element to achieving success, there is much more in play beyond being persistent.

My book reveals nine principles and how they can be incorporated in daily life: making them living principles. Much to the dismay of my editor, I could not promote the nine principles as a step-by-step formula the reader could follow to reach new levels, despite the fact this is what sells books. I just don't believe every person's journey is the same nor can every person follow the same formula. However, I do believe that by incorporating some fairly straightforward principles in your daily life, you can raise the bar with any situation.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to a large non-profit here in town. The assignment was to use material from my book to provide personal and professional development. Time, nor the audience's attention span, would permit me to discuss all nine principles revealed in my book. So I chose three, beyond persistence, to focus on.

The first was overcoming adversity. Second, eliminating fear. And finally, finding intrinsic motivators. Why these three?

Adversity will always find its way in to every life. In fact, I believe the most successful people have learned to overcome some of the most adverse situations. One way to overcome adversity is to meet it with new hope. You must first find hope that the situation can change.

Fear. Fear is one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way for so many of us. In fact, fear tends to prevent many people from taking the first step. However, when we realize that fear is nothing more than the projection of something that has yet to happen, and may never happen, in our life, we become equipped with the tools to manage our fears, keeping them at bay and allowing us to move towards our dreams.

And finally there are intrinsic motivators, motivation that comes from within rather than an external source such as money or grades. The ability to connect our goals with something that has personal value provides sustainability. And sustainable energy and focus is what is required to push through the rough patches.

For more on these and other principles, get a copy of "Becoming Unstoppable: Tools to Elevate Your Game," available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and my website at

I look forward to hearing your successes. How did you elevate your game?

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