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Breaking Bad Habits

The definition

of a habit is probably something fairly simple and universal. But how about a bad habit: how would you define that? While definitions may vary somewhat, I'm sure we can all agree on one aspect. A bad habit is something repeatedly done, perhaps unconsciously, that brings about an undesired result.

I'm sure you've also heard varying statistics on how many times you need to repeat a behavior before it becomes a habit. Some say 10,000 hours. Others say 1000 times. And then some will say by doing something constantly for 30 days a new habit can be formed. Regardless of the repetition, I believe there is one key element to breaking a bad habit many don't consider. And that is looking at what satisfaction you are gaining from the bad habit.

Even though you may claim the habit does not bring the result you are after or you may feel horrible after completing the habit, you are gaining some level of satisfaction from the action or you would not keep doing it. By understanding what that satisfaction is you can begin looking at how to replace it with a new habit that brings the same level of satisfaction while also the desired result you are after.

Try taking a different look at the habits you would like to break. With this new perspective can you create sustainable change? I would certainly like to hear your results.

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