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Summertime Fun Doesn’t Have to Mean Losing Sight of Your Goals

For many of us, summer equates to family vacations, adventures and days on end off our normal routines. While we certainly enjoy a break from the norm, we may also find it difficult to re-enter our own life once back home. And for the high achiever, the drastic change in schedules may feel like a giant step away from goals.

How can we enjoy the summer without losing sight of what we wish to accomplish?

We can actually learn a great deal by taking a look at an athlete’s life. Athletes live by seasons. They have their offseason, preseason, competitive season, and post or championship season. Each period of time has a defined objective, all leading them to their primary goal.

In their competitive and championship season, they may live and breathe their sport. Days may be filled with workouts, team practices, classroom time to learn plays, as well as, time dedicated to healthy nutrition and rest. In their offseason, they may enjoy rest and recovery, time away from team practices which, in turn, means more time spent with friends and family. While they may spend fewer hours in the gym with less intensity, chances are they do not turn into couch potatoes and junk food junkies. Even though their physical training intensity may lessen, their eye is still on the ball. They never loose sight of where they want to be at the start of preseason and what they need to do to achieve that position. In essence, they cannot allow themselves to stray too far. So while their daily routine may change proportionally, they still maintain structure.

Too often we hear the word routine and think boring and rigid. Which truly is so far from the truth. Routines are merely a tool in which to manage energy and provide structure, both help you keep your eye on the ball and achieve your goals. When putting a routine in place, think of it as simply identifying your core values and putting them into action. It’s all about being intentional with your time.

There is certainly a time and place for stepping away from the intensity of our daily routines. I just urge you to keep your eye on the ball and remember where you ultimately want to go. What structure or routine would be beneficial to maintain even on vacation while still allowing yourself some recovery? Are there elements such as physical activity, sleep, or diet which would help you to stay on track? How much deviation do you feel comfortable making while still setting yourself up for success when you return home?

Even your vacation time serves a purpose. Use it wisely and you will reap the rewards when you return home.

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