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Keeping the Momentum as You Reach for Your Goals

Now is a perfect time to revisit your goals for 2015. With only three months behind us, you may feel the year is still young. However I would suggest now is not the time to lose your momentum. In another three months many of us may break pace with a new summer schedule that includes children out of school and vacations. Three months after that we find ourselves in the holiday season and the next thing we know we are ringing in another new year.

Bottom line, there will always be a comfortable ledge to rest on or a boulder in the middle of the path too large to see around. Either way, allowing these in our lives means we are allowing something from keeping us from reaching the next level. Yet those who are successful, find a way to climb higher regardless of the obstacle. They continue to move even if it may feel like they are moving sideways until they finally reach the edge of the boulder and can see up again. I can assure you one thing, very few, if any, reach success by standing still.

So what's holding you back from reaching your dreams? Are you resting in the shade because it's comfortable? Or are you allowing an obstacle on the path to stand in your way?

Take some time to access where you are and where you want to go. Identify the things keeping you from reaching your destination and then begin to break them down, by one by one, with a new action of change. And then, commit to those actions.

Regardless of the action, I find it helpful to write it on my calendar. Literally create an appointment with yourself blocking out the time to accomplish the task at hand. Often times if I haven't completed something it's because I don't feel I have the time to finish it in one setting. When really it just means I need to break it into smaller, more palatable pieces. Or in other words, I just need more than one appointment. So look ahead and schedule small blocks of time with yourself. Whenever I honor my meetings, I always leave feeling a sense of accomplishment, even those times I feel as though I only took one small step. At least I'm not standing still.

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